Location: Moscow, Russian Federation
Dates: October 8-9, 2015
Conference Type: Affiliate Marketing
Organizer: Smile Expo
Website: http://race-expo.ru/en


RACE is a recognized meeting point for affiliate programs owners and partners, advertisers and representatives of advertising platforms, participants of online marketing and experts in the field of e-commerce.

10 Reasons Affiliates Should Attend RACE Expo

  1. Meet and engage with innovative industry experts one-on-one.
  2. Gain insight into what other industry leaders are doing within the social media space.
  3. Understand how to validate your organization’s social media efforts with ROI.
  4. Learn proven tactics on how to harness social media to generate leads for business growth.
  5. Receive advice and insight from the brightest in the field.
  6. Learn how to establish your brand as a social media leader on Facebook, Twitter and other important channels.
  7. Successfully integrate content marketing into your social media strategy.
  8. Learn to reach your consumers with original and engaging content.
  9. Maintain a positive brand reputation & effectively navigate customer service needs.
  10. Network with industry leading professionals.